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Imagine this,: you see a ZTR lawn mower on EBay that you wish to purchase, but it’s 1200 miles away, quite a time consuming and expensive trip for you to take yourself.

Perhaps you wish to buy a puppy, a 4 wheeler, motorcycle, etc. absolutely anything.

You call a dozen different trucking companies who give you the runaround, senseless dates and times, and an astronomical price that you know is hyper inflated.

By listing that item on you can receive a bid that is much much lower than you would ever have imagined because a trucker with a little empty space is already traveling along that route and can use the extra money to subsidize what he or she does for a living.

This saves you 50 to 70 percent over the ridiculous rates charged by trucking companies and brokers and puts 100 percent of the money in the truckers hand and 100 percent of the savings in your pocket.

It’s a win/win situation for both parties and nobody else there with their hand out wanting either of your hard earned money!

Also, with, you are in DIRECT communication with the transporter who is hauling your precious cargo, no middle men to go through and give you the runaround, saving you tons of stress.

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FMCSA New Hours Of Service Rules And The Effects On The Trucking Industry

Well Drivers, The July 01, 2013 implementation date of the new DOT / FMCSA hours of service rules has taken effect and been in place for one full week as of the writing of this blog post.

I wish I were able to report that this has some benefit to drivers or to the public but sadly, in calculating the numbers, it will cost the trucking industry as a whole billions of dollars. Of course, FMCSA will have their lobbyist cronies show that this has made the industry more money, made drivers safer, thus giving them the ability to get a much larger budget windfall for keeping the roads safe. ABSOLUTELY FALSE with no data to back it up.

The new regulations state that any driver must take a 30 minute break logged off duty, either at or prior to the completion of 8 hours on duty. This sounds good on its face, however, it has taken another half hour away from the 14 hour clock that starts and cannot be stopped from the time that you go on duty until you log off duty or in the sleeper.

But wait, lets go on into this prior to crunching the numbers so everyone sees the real cost in both dollars and safety.

The FMCSA also changed the sleeper birth provision from 34 consecutive hours off resetting the 70 hours per week you are allowed to work to 34 hours off only once in 7 calendar days but requiring it to contain at least two sleep periods from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. which means that, depending on what time your end of duty starts, it can take as long as 48 hours now to get your 34 hour restart.

This means MILLIONS of wasted hours away from home per year that we as drivers will have to suck up the loss on.

As of today, according to FMCSA, there are 3.5 million regulation truck drivers in the continental United States, meaning that the 30 minute mandated break alone will cost 1.75 million hours for every 8 hours worked by Americas Drivers.

Now, the 34 hour restart provision will cost drivers at least 12 hours out of a 7 day period for over the road drivers. So think about this, 12 hours per week X 3.5 million Drivers = 42,000,000 (yes forty two million) lost work hours per 7 days.

So, the 30 minute break provision will cost each individual driver 182 work hours per year and the 34 hour restart provision will cost each driver a minimum of 12 hours per week for a total of 624 hours per driver we will lose per year per driver.

This translates to a potential loss PER DRIVER of 806 hours per year.

If this doesn’t anger all of us enough to pull us together and shutdown, strike, slowdown, I don”t know what will.

My first suggestion is that we have an all out boycott of California, Florida, and New York. A few weeks of billions of dollars in produce rotting in wharehouses may make someone look at this again.

For all of you who say we cant afford to do this, figure out what as many as 806 more hours per year of sitting without pay does to your family.

We cant afford not to!!!!!


A Great Way To Make A Living in a Tough Economy

We are all aware of the financial difficulties going on in nearly every American home right now and also of the lack of jobs. This is a good time to talk about how great being an independent transporter can be and also how rewarding it is.

Most businesses you go into on your own take years to build up and even then it is incredibly risky just trying to get your investment back, let alone make a profit that will cover a good fair wage. With being an independent transporter you pick the loads you wish to bid on, the region or regions of the country that you want to travel, and if you keep your truck and trailer loaded you can make some really serious money.

Every day there are thousands of people who need to have large items shipped to destinations all over the world and lets face it, it is simply too pricey and difficult to have the major trucking companies do it and even if you did, very seldom will they pick up at a rural location or a business without a forklift or loading dock. This gives us the opportunity to help them out and also make some money in the process, so everybody wins.

Many people sell cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, pianos, pool tables, etc. all over the country and are in constant need of haulers, and if you have a specialty such as moving pianos, all the better.

We welcome you to ShipRightNow and hope that you will keep up with us and watch us grow. We will be posting great articles and we welcome your input as well.
Happy Hauling,                                                                                 low cost shipping         The ShipRightNow team

Shipping Large and Bulky Items


When you need to ship an oversized or bulky item, such as furniture, a piano, or a vehicle, you need a specialty transporter that understands how to properly handle your items.


Shipping Furniture

Whether you need to move your entire household, or only partial contents of your house, you’ll find the right transporter at Be sure to find out how the transporter recommends that you prepare your items for shipping. Depending on the type of furniture, the transporter may recommend a shipping crate, or they may simply pad it with moving blankets.


Shipping Pianos

The piano is often the most difficult piece of furniture to move. Before the transporter arrives, make sure there is a clear path from the piano to the door. If you can, try to move the piano the day before the rest of your furniture and possessions arrive at your new home so the movers do not have to maneuver around boxes and other pieces of furniture.


Shipping Vehicles

Whether you need to ship the family car, an RV, or an ATV you will need to have the vehicle checked by your mechanic before shipping. Ask your transporter how they recommend preparing your vehicle for shipping. Some transporters require that the fluids be drained prior to shipping, while others do not.

Shipping An Outboard Motor

Shipping Outboard Motors
The very weight and nature of the construction of an outboard motor makes it a difficult item to ship and to transport but here are a few tricks that only take a minute and will reduce the chance of damage.
1. Remove the propeller. This will save sharp edges from cutting through packaging and also keep the propeller and prop shaft from being damaged. The propeller may be wrapped seperately and packed in the same package as you prepare to ship.
2. If the motor has a tiller handle, remove it also, wrap seperately in bubble wrap and cardboard and ship in the same package. The tiller handle is the most frequently broken item on an outboard and can be a very expensive repair.
3. Wrap the entire motor in bubble wrap and very tightly with banded packaging tape, and be sure to double wrap the cowling.
4. Now that you are bubble wrapped, find a non protruding section on the motor and heavily tape the tiller handle and propeller to the motor, usually the exhaust housing area is best.
5. Use heavy cardboard around the lower unit taking special care to protect the propeller shaft from damage.
6. Now, it is time to wrap the lower unit again with fine bubble wrap, and tape it on very tightly.
7. You are now ready to wrap the entire package in very heavy cardboard, making sure the unit does not slip or move within the packaging.
8. Using these steps will assure that your outboard motot will arrive in a safe, usable condition, and the removed parts are easily reinstalled by the reciever.

ShipRightNow Announces Re-launch of Web Site for Shipping Large Items

(Flippin, AR – November 15, 2011) CEO William Weaver announces the complete rebuild and re-launch of the very popular website In a statement to media Weaver is quoted as saying “Our customers gave us feedback on the features they like and dislike, voted on color schemes and layouts and we added to announce current event news within the community and as a result is much more user friendly and is quickly growing in the world of transportation and will become a major driving force as the premiere online shipping marketplace.”

Stephen Rhodes, corporate spokesperson said “ We have always, and will continue to listen to our customers to refine, streamline, and constantly improve the way our site works, looks, and feels.”

Rhodes further states “People moving often find themselves in a mess when it comes to locating an affordable and experienced transportation company. Everyone knows to use UPS, FedEx, or the USPS to ship small packages, but when it comes to shipping larger items like furniture, where do you go? And how do you make sure you’re getting the best price?”

Weaver and Rhodes launched the online company in 2009 to address this problem. connects consumers with independent carriers—independent owner/operator truck drivers who have the ability to set their own prices and time schedules.

“Our company helps to keep shipping prices lower for the consumer by allowing shippers to anonymously list their jobs and have different carriers bid on the job. The shipper can get all the information they need from each carrier and then make a selection based on the best prices and overall service without having to give out personal contact information.”

Carriers benefit by being able to fill empty cargo space with freight that needs to be delivered along their scheduled route. “Using to find loads along your route saves truckers from experiencing empty miles. If the delivery is along a route they’re already running, they can afford to bid it out for lower than a big freight company would charge and still make a profit.” is also a profit enhancer for auction services, car dealers and other small businesses that ship large freight on an irregular basis. Companies like these may not qualify for rate discounts with large freight companies because of their irregular shipping patterns. Because of this, many of these companies turn to shipping brokers to find the best shipping deals.

“The problem with brokers,” Weaver says, “is that most of them are on a commission. It’s not in their best interest to get the lowest shipping fee because that makes their commission lower “

“Using, carriers are dealing with you directly and they know to win the job they need to make sure you get a fair and reasonable shipping rate. It’s a win-win system for everyone.”


Founded in 2009 by Transportation Industry Specialist William Weaver and Internet Technology Specialist Stephen Rhodes, connects shippers with independent carriers to deliver affordable shipping solutions. Shippers place free listings for bid requests to ship a variety of items including household goods, office furniture, cars, pets, artwork, and antiques. Carriers can also create free accounts to search these listings and bid on loads along their existing routes to fill empty cargo space. Please visit for more information.