The Most Cost Effective Way To Ship Household Goods And Large Items

Moving your household, moving an office, or simply shipping some large items can be a very stressful event if you let it. With ShipRightNow it doesn’t have to be, and in fact can be a very simple and pleasant experience.

Not only does the ShipRightNow service make it simple, fast, and easy, we will save you hours of time and money and in this day and time as you know, that is very important. Perhaps you need to move an entire household, Ship a car or ATV, or maybe just a lot of boxed items for a business or a home.

With our service you simply register for free, list the item or items you wish to ship, add photos if you wish, and then submit your listing. At this point, truckers and hot shot haulers who are already traveling the area your items will be coming from and going to will come in and bid on your item if they have some unused space on their trucks or trailers.

This allows them to maximize their profit by not running empty miles while giving you an incredibly low price.

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In an effort to promote our service to customers across North America, ShipRightNow, the premiere internet shipping service, will be charging no fees through the period from August 15, 2013 until November 15, 2013.

We have been growing rapidly and wish to get as many loads as possible booked for our customers without a booking fee as a way to introduce our service and to help our customers save money.
With ShipRightNow, listing is always free, fast and easy, without any kind of hidden fees like our competitors.

ShipRightNow is the premiere online shipping marketplace designed for Transporters to be able to fill empty space on already existing loads with items needing to be transported along that route for online auction buyers, sellers, and businesses. This allows for the shipper to get a lower shipping cost and the transportation service provider to maximize profits by filling space that would otherwise be empty.

ShipRightNow is a WIN for both parties.

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Low Cost Shipping And What It Means To Your Bottom Line


The trucking industry is no different than any business in its basic model, as the goal of any business is to minimize costs, maximize profits, and provide the kind of service needed across many different specialties while fighting ever increasing fuel and equipment costs.

Large companies are constantly advertising for new hire drivers as there is an incredibly bad shortage in the number of people who will work this hard although unemployment is at a ridiculous high and trucking jobs as a whole pay really good compared to working at local factories. The real sacrifice, you are gone a lot if you wish to make real money.

This has caused many trucking companies and independent transporters to become very specialized in one genre of trucking such as flatbed, liquid bulk, reefer freight (Grocery), Hot Shot, and the list goes on. By doing this, they can keep and maintain more specific equipment for the task at hand and also keep drivers who are trained in that type of  specialty hauling, giving them a much safer and well trained professional driver while giving the receiver a great service.

The one inherent problem with this is the fact that there are more dead head (empty) miles to be covered as it is difficult to always get a reload from the area a particular truck is delivering to. This is what makes an online shipping website very useful to both, shipper and transporter. We have the way for you to fill your trucks with items at a great price for both parties as the truck is running those miles already and does not have to await a dispatch for a reload.

Your one stop shipping destination makes it free, fast, and easy to list your Item or full load and have transportation service providers bid against one another to get you the lowest price on your shipping while allowing them to make the amount of money they require for the load. it is a win / win situation.

Best of all, you have no phone calls to worry about, no hidden fees, no stress as you would if you were to directly contact a shipping company.

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Simplify Your Move By Packing Household Goods With Organization

Moving from one home or office to another can be a great challenge whether it is across town or across the country. If you let it become a worry ahead of time then it most likely will be and also will be on the receiving end when you unpack.

My first suggestion is to sit down, pour some coffee, get out a yellow legal pad, (or a laptop computer if you are not as old fashioned as I am), and start planning as far ahead of time as you can.

Don’t start calling moving companies yet! Relax and sip on that coffee or tea for a moment. Write down all of the items that you will need to keep in your possession at all times during the move such as deeds, titles, insurance papers, birth certificates, passports, any important papers and documents. Now on your paper write the number (1) beside that entry.

Do not write the contents on boxes of valuables, just assign a number of your choice and put it with the corresponding entry on your legal pad.  People too often write things like       ” Coin Collection” on their boxes making them a billboard for thieves as boxes are transferred from point to point.

Now that you have your papers and small valuables in mind to keep in your possession, lets start on other household items and determining what you will pack and how.  I like to save a little money on packing materials by packing all of our nice dishes in smaller boxes and using bath towels and washcloths between them. They need to be packed anyhow so take advantage unless it is some rarely used dishes that you do not intend to immediately unpack.

If you have drinking glasses that fit inside one another, a styrofoam cup between each makes a soft padding and you can wrap the outer portion in a towel, very quickly with no chance of damage or breakage during moving.

All larger items such as lamps, furniture, electronics, appliances, etc will need to be individually wrapped and/or boxed. I prefer to bubble wrap such items prior to the blanket wrap just to keep rub marks from happening and a little wall of defense during transport.

Now that we have in mind how we will do this, lets get that legal pad going and assign box numbers to each box and get anything not used regularly packed up and ready to go, so by the time you move, the absolute worst part of the job is complete and you know which boxes to keep with you at all times and which ones can go on the moving truck

Now, get length, width, height measurements and estimated weight of furniture and appliances, along with the number and sizes of loaded boxes that you will be sending on a moving truck and write it all on the legal pad. You will use all of this information when you hire a mover to transport your household goods..

Now that you have an exact count of boxes, furniture and appliances to be loaded and moved, you can be assured that since you organized well ahead of time you will get the best price on the transport by listing it on and letting transporters bid on your load..

Now you can relax, sip that coffee, and know that you saved a bundle of money, got the job done yourself and as long as you dont forget your legal pad and coffee mug you will be in great shape at the other end of the move.