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In an effort to promote our service to customers across North America, ShipRightNow, the premiere internet shipping service, will be charging no fees through the period from August 15, 2013 until November 15, 2013.

We have been growing rapidly and wish to get as many loads as possible booked for our customers without a booking fee as a way to introduce our service and to help our customers save money.
With ShipRightNow, listing is always free, fast and easy, without any kind of hidden fees like our competitors.

ShipRightNow is the premiere online shipping marketplace designed for Transporters to be able to fill empty space on already existing loads with items needing to be transported along that route for online auction buyers, sellers, and businesses. This allows for the shipper to get a lower shipping cost and the transportation service provider to maximize profits by filling space that would otherwise be empty.

ShipRightNow is a WIN for both parties.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Motorcycle, ATV, Or UTV?

If you are thinking of buying or selling a motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or even more than one of each, it is always a great idea to shop around and get the best price.

I am a firm believer in buying in your local area when it is reasonable to do so, but many times you might save several thousands of dollars by buying from a dealer or individual that is many miles away.

You might even find a great price on an online auction such as Ebay.

Shipping need not be the primary concern if you ship your motorcycle or ship an ATV or ship a UTV on Whether it is new or used, crated, half or fully assembled, we have the hot shot haulers who will bid on a shipment within the lanes they are already running to fill space that would otherwise be empty on their trucks.

This helps you to save 50 to 70 percent on what a common carrier charges, which is a great savings to you, and it allows the transporter to fill empty space on a truck allowing them to make some money off of space that would have otherwise gone unused. It is a great scenario for both parties.

The really great part is that you list your shipment for free and the transporters can come in and bid on your shipment without seeing your contact information which keeps stress and sales calls from interrupting your busy schedule. When you get a reasonable bid you have the option of messaging the transporter through the ShipRightNow system and getting specific questions answered without ever exchanging personal information.  Once you are satisfied that you have the transporter that is right for the job, you accept their bid and at that time both parties get one another’s contact information to get the job done.

There are NEVER any hidden fees as with other services, whatever the bid is exactly what you pay.

Our service works with anything you wish to ship, cattle, horses, pets, automobiles, just anything.

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Low Cost Shipping And What It Means To Your Bottom Line


The trucking industry is no different than any business in its basic model, as the goal of any business is to minimize costs, maximize profits, and provide the kind of service needed across many different specialties while fighting ever increasing fuel and equipment costs.

Large companies are constantly advertising for new hire drivers as there is an incredibly bad shortage in the number of people who will work this hard although unemployment is at a ridiculous high and trucking jobs as a whole pay really good compared to working at local factories. The real sacrifice, you are gone a lot if you wish to make real money.

This has caused many trucking companies and independent transporters to become very specialized in one genre of trucking such as flatbed, liquid bulk, reefer freight (Grocery), Hot Shot, and the list goes on. By doing this, they can keep and maintain more specific equipment for the task at hand and also keep drivers who are trained in that type of  specialty hauling, giving them a much safer and well trained professional driver while giving the receiver a great service.

The one inherent problem with this is the fact that there are more dead head (empty) miles to be covered as it is difficult to always get a reload from the area a particular truck is delivering to. This is what makes an online shipping website very useful to both, shipper and transporter. We have the way for you to fill your trucks with items at a great price for both parties as the truck is running those miles already and does not have to await a dispatch for a reload.

Your one stop shipping destination makes it free, fast, and easy to list your Item or full load and have transportation service providers bid against one another to get you the lowest price on your shipping while allowing them to make the amount of money they require for the load. it is a win / win situation.

Best of all, you have no phone calls to worry about, no hidden fees, no stress as you would if you were to directly contact a shipping company.

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Getting Into Hauling Hot Shot Freight: Part Two

Now that we have established the equipment and tools that you will need to be a ltl or hot shot transporter, it is time that we look at the business end of this. If you cannot manage the business end of it, you either need to hire someone who can, lease on with someone so they are taking care of it, or do something else altogether.

There is a lot of money to be made in the trucking industry and it continues to grow day by day as more people require all types of goods. That being said, there is a lot of money to be lost if you do not plan trips ahead and closely manage fuel and maintenance costs as it is very costly to be any kind of transporter and MANAGEMENT IS IMPERATIVE.

Step one, know YOUR limits and the limits of your equipment. You can only do what you can do! If you try to overload yourself or your equipment, you will soon be facing downtime, mechanical issues, and worse yet, personal injury or injury to others so stay legal, run legal, and most of all BE SAFE! the motoring public is counting on you to do so.

When you get your DOT and MC numbers and permits you are constantly under the scrutiny of a large number of federal agencies and you must keep all of your logs, bills of lading, permits, etc. organized and ready for audit as it will make the audit process much easier on you and the auditor.

During the bidding process for a load be sure to factor in tolls as if you book a load tightly without factoring in tolls especially in New York, you will lose money very quickly. Plan your routes and know the cost of running that lane.

Plan for maintenance as you WILL have mechanical issues come up. As a rule I figure .12 cents per mile for maintenance, tires, oil changes and the occasional part failure.  This number might vary with different types of equipment but regardless, it needs to be set aside and only touched for maintenance events. As it builds and you have a good reserve in that account you can roll it into equipment upgrades.

Now, factor in the actual cost of fuel per mile. To do this I look at the highest fuel prices in the United states and work my average from it rather than using the daily national average. I do it this way as I find it is better for me when booking ahead of time as fuel prices constantly change and can seriously affect your bottom line. It can also give you some leverage when running states with lower fuel averages.

Now for the hard part, figure the average cost per mile it will cost you to STAY LEGAL, such as tags, permits, your required insurance, bookkeeping, etc. These will all likely be fixed monthly costs but must be figured at a cost per mile average so you will know exactly what your costs are.

The aforementioned items will give you the base cost just to move your equipment legally down the road.

It is now time to look at how much YOU need per mile to haul this load, which will be up to you and the area you live in and the lanes you will run, i cannot tell you in this blog what you need to make per mile over costs, but you cannot and will not make exactly the same profit on each item and each load.

Remember that dead head (unloaded) miles cost you money so it is imperative that they be minimized and factored into your costs.

Now that you are sure you want to do this and you are aware of the associated costs, it is time to start bidding on items for transport through

Remember that you are building a business and you must stay on top of it or it will quickly become overwhelming to you. Properly managed this is a very lucrative business and it is our hope that you will grow steadily and have a great future as an independent hot shot transporter.

Thank you, and the best of luck as you embark on your new journey.



A Great Way To Make A Living in a Tough Economy

We are all aware of the financial difficulties going on in nearly every American home right now and also of the lack of jobs. This is a good time to talk about how great being an independent transporter can be and also how rewarding it is.

Most businesses you go into on your own take years to build up and even then it is incredibly risky just trying to get your investment back, let alone make a profit that will cover a good fair wage. With being an independent transporter you pick the loads you wish to bid on, the region or regions of the country that you want to travel, and if you keep your truck and trailer loaded you can make some really serious money.

Every day there are thousands of people who need to have large items shipped to destinations all over the world and lets face it, it is simply too pricey and difficult to have the major trucking companies do it and even if you did, very seldom will they pick up at a rural location or a business without a forklift or loading dock. This gives us the opportunity to help them out and also make some money in the process, so everybody wins.

Many people sell cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, pianos, pool tables, etc. all over the country and are in constant need of haulers, and if you have a specialty such as moving pianos, all the better.

We welcome you to ShipRightNow and hope that you will keep up with us and watch us grow. We will be posting great articles and we welcome your input as well.
Happy Hauling,                                                                                 low cost shipping         The ShipRightNow team