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In an effort to promote our service to customers across North America, ShipRightNow, the premiere internet shipping service, will be charging no fees through the period from August 15, 2013 until November 15, 2013.

We have been growing rapidly and wish to get as many loads as possible booked for our customers without a booking fee as a way to introduce our service and to help our customers save money.
With ShipRightNow, listing is always free, fast and easy, without any kind of hidden fees like our competitors.

ShipRightNow is the premiere online shipping marketplace designed for Transporters to be able to fill empty space on already existing loads with items needing to be transported along that route for online auction buyers, sellers, and businesses. This allows for the shipper to get a lower shipping cost and the transportation service provider to maximize profits by filling space that would otherwise be empty.

ShipRightNow is a WIN for both parties.

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Low Cost Shipping And What It Means To Your Bottom Line


The trucking industry is no different than any business in its basic model, as the goal of any business is to minimize costs, maximize profits, and provide the kind of service needed across many different specialties while fighting ever increasing fuel and equipment costs.

Large companies are constantly advertising for new hire drivers as there is an incredibly bad shortage in the number of people who will work this hard although unemployment is at a ridiculous high and trucking jobs as a whole pay really good compared to working at local factories. The real sacrifice, you are gone a lot if you wish to make real money.

This has caused many trucking companies and independent transporters to become very specialized in one genre of trucking such as flatbed, liquid bulk, reefer freight (Grocery), Hot Shot, and the list goes on. By doing this, they can keep and maintain more specific equipment for the task at hand and also keep drivers who are trained in that type of  specialty hauling, giving them a much safer and well trained professional driver while giving the receiver a great service.

The one inherent problem with this is the fact that there are more dead head (empty) miles to be covered as it is difficult to always get a reload from the area a particular truck is delivering to. This is what makes an online shipping website very useful to both, shipper and transporter. We have the way for you to fill your trucks with items at a great price for both parties as the truck is running those miles already and does not have to await a dispatch for a reload.

Your one stop shipping destination makes it free, fast, and easy to list your Item or full load and have transportation service providers bid against one another to get you the lowest price on your shipping while allowing them to make the amount of money they require for the load. it is a win / win situation.

Best of all, you have no phone calls to worry about, no hidden fees, no stress as you would if you were to directly contact a shipping company.

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Sell your large items on EBay and easily ship them

As the arrival of springtime nears it is a great time to start cleaning out the garage and shed. We all seem to have a collection of stuff that we have acquired over time that we need to get rid of but the worries and hassles of shipping large auction items is just too much.

If you go through all of the hassles of calling freight companies and trying to sort through the endless amount of fees, extra fees, time delays, and the fact that the majority of them will need someone to bring the items to them and to pick the items up on the other end, you will quickly tire. That is where our service is here to save the day.

With ShipRightNow you simply register,  create a shipment for free, and our team of transportation professionals come in and bid competitively to give you the lowest price on transporting your item whether it be across town or across the country.

It is a very simple scenario, list your item, let transporters bid on your load, and accept the bid that you are the most comfortable with.

Very simple, very fast, 100 percent stress free. Ship it right,




Shipping An Outboard Motor

Shipping Outboard Motors
The very weight and nature of the construction of an outboard motor makes it a difficult item to ship and to transport but here are a few tricks that only take a minute and will reduce the chance of damage.
1. Remove the propeller. This will save sharp edges from cutting through packaging and also keep the propeller and prop shaft from being damaged. The propeller may be wrapped seperately and packed in the same package as you prepare to ship.
2. If the motor has a tiller handle, remove it also, wrap seperately in bubble wrap and cardboard and ship in the same package. The tiller handle is the most frequently broken item on an outboard and can be a very expensive repair.
3. Wrap the entire motor in bubble wrap and very tightly with banded packaging tape, and be sure to double wrap the cowling.
4. Now that you are bubble wrapped, find a non protruding section on the motor and heavily tape the tiller handle and propeller to the motor, usually the exhaust housing area is best.
5. Use heavy cardboard around the lower unit taking special care to protect the propeller shaft from damage.
6. Now, it is time to wrap the lower unit again with fine bubble wrap, and tape it on very tightly.
7. You are now ready to wrap the entire package in very heavy cardboard, making sure the unit does not slip or move within the packaging.
8. Using these steps will assure that your outboard motot will arrive in a safe, usable condition, and the removed parts are easily reinstalled by the reciever.

ShipRightNow Announces Re-launch of Web Site for Shipping Large Items

(Flippin, AR – November 15, 2011) CEO William Weaver announces the complete rebuild and re-launch of the very popular website In a statement to media Weaver is quoted as saying “Our customers gave us feedback on the features they like and dislike, voted on color schemes and layouts and we added to announce current event news within the community and as a result is much more user friendly and is quickly growing in the world of transportation and will become a major driving force as the premiere online shipping marketplace.”

Stephen Rhodes, corporate spokesperson said “ We have always, and will continue to listen to our customers to refine, streamline, and constantly improve the way our site works, looks, and feels.”

Rhodes further states “People moving often find themselves in a mess when it comes to locating an affordable and experienced transportation company. Everyone knows to use UPS, FedEx, or the USPS to ship small packages, but when it comes to shipping larger items like furniture, where do you go? And how do you make sure you’re getting the best price?”

Weaver and Rhodes launched the online company in 2009 to address this problem. connects consumers with independent carriers—independent owner/operator truck drivers who have the ability to set their own prices and time schedules.

“Our company helps to keep shipping prices lower for the consumer by allowing shippers to anonymously list their jobs and have different carriers bid on the job. The shipper can get all the information they need from each carrier and then make a selection based on the best prices and overall service without having to give out personal contact information.”

Carriers benefit by being able to fill empty cargo space with freight that needs to be delivered along their scheduled route. “Using to find loads along your route saves truckers from experiencing empty miles. If the delivery is along a route they’re already running, they can afford to bid it out for lower than a big freight company would charge and still make a profit.” is also a profit enhancer for auction services, car dealers and other small businesses that ship large freight on an irregular basis. Companies like these may not qualify for rate discounts with large freight companies because of their irregular shipping patterns. Because of this, many of these companies turn to shipping brokers to find the best shipping deals.

“The problem with brokers,” Weaver says, “is that most of them are on a commission. It’s not in their best interest to get the lowest shipping fee because that makes their commission lower “

“Using, carriers are dealing with you directly and they know to win the job they need to make sure you get a fair and reasonable shipping rate. It’s a win-win system for everyone.”


Founded in 2009 by Transportation Industry Specialist William Weaver and Internet Technology Specialist Stephen Rhodes, connects shippers with independent carriers to deliver affordable shipping solutions. Shippers place free listings for bid requests to ship a variety of items including household goods, office furniture, cars, pets, artwork, and antiques. Carriers can also create free accounts to search these listings and bid on loads along their existing routes to fill empty cargo space. Please visit for more information.