Fuel Prices And Hot Shot Freight

At an unusual time in America, we are seeing major decreases in the cost of fuel.
This is a great benefit to all of us out here hauling, as fuel is the number one constant cost, and gives us a
competitive edge, especially when bidding on long distance loads such as this one from Seattle, Wa to Atlanta, Ga.

Remember as you list a load, or as you bid on one, to keep track of fuel costs through each region of the country.

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The Spring Shipping Season Is Here

After A very long and icy winter, spring is finally just around the corner. Here in North Arkansas and across most of the United States this has been a particularly tough winter from which it has seemed we would get no relief.

Now is the right time of year to clean out the clutter in our homes, attics, and garages, so we can free up some space and make room in the house for what ever reason we might wish.

When making room and cleaning out all of these large items, they all have a value to them but maybe you don’t know how to go about properly selling them and shipping them due to the high cost of shipping through traditional methods.

With ShipRightNow we ease that burden, and make it completely stress free and easy to ship large and bulky items at very low prices, by utilizing the otherwise empty space on trucks and trailers, which allows transporters to give you a really good value, and helping them utilize the full payload capacity of their equipment.

Signing up on our website and listing loads, or bidding on shipments is completely free and very easy.

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Where Would We Be Now?

Today, Nov. 22nd, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of our 35th president, John F Kennedy, and I can’t help but wonder what it would’ve been like if he had not died. Each generation is like a rolling ball bouncing off different major events causing a zig zag effect as it makes its way down the hill. If President Kennedy had not been assassinated that paticular generation perhaps would’ve zigged instead of zagged and who knows what path humankind would be on now in 2013. As goes with all events effecting mankind, for example September 11, 2001, everybody knows what that date signifies. That event caused many,many changes to the way Americans live their lives now. What would life be like if that major event never happened? Where would we be now? Just a little food for thought today.
But here we are and life goes on and we still have things we need to ship now & then. Sometimes it’s odd things that are perhaps too big or too heavy to take to your local post office or not right for UPS or Fedex. Or maybe your a bargain hunter who wants to save dollars anywhere you can. Www.shiprightnow.com was designed for exactly that. ShipRightNow is here to help shippers and transporters alike to come together, communicate and agree to a price that works for both parties. Example (You, the shipper, have a fourwheeler you need hauled 1000 miles away. You, the transporter, are going that same way and you’re empty or have a partial load and could use the extra money to cover fuel costs.) Come together right now at www.shiprightnow.com to help one another.

Reasons to use www.ShipRightNow.com

Imagine this,: you see a ZTR lawn mower on EBay that you wish to purchase, but it’s 1200 miles away, quite a time consuming and expensive trip for you to take yourself.

Perhaps you wish to buy a puppy, a 4 wheeler, motorcycle, etc. absolutely anything.

You call a dozen different trucking companies who give you the runaround, senseless dates and times, and an astronomical price that you know is hyper inflated.

By listing that item on www.ShipRightNow.com you can receive a bid that is much much lower than you would ever have imagined because a trucker with a little empty space is already traveling along that route and can use the extra money to subsidize what he or she does for a living.

This saves you 50 to 70 percent over the ridiculous rates charged by trucking companies and brokers and puts 100 percent of the money in the truckers hand and 100 percent of the savings in your pocket.

It’s a win/win situation for both parties and nobody else there with their hand out wanting either of your hard earned money!

Also, with ShipRightNow.com, you are in DIRECT communication with the transporter who is hauling your precious cargo, no middle men to go through and give you the runaround, saving you tons of stress.

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ShipRightNow.com To Offer Service Free

In an effort to promote our service to customers across North America, ShipRightNow, the premiere internet shipping service, will be charging no fees through the period from August 15, 2013 until November 15, 2013.

We have been growing rapidly and wish to get as many loads as possible booked for our customers without a booking fee as a way to introduce our service and to help our customers save money.
With ShipRightNow, listing is always free, fast and easy, without any kind of hidden fees like our competitors.

ShipRightNow is the premiere online shipping marketplace designed for Transporters to be able to fill empty space on already existing loads with items needing to be transported along that route for online auction buyers, sellers, and businesses. This allows for the shipper to get a lower shipping cost and the transportation service provider to maximize profits by filling space that would otherwise be empty.

ShipRightNow is a WIN for both parties.

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Cell Phone Use, Back To School, And Other Hazards

Its back to school time for most children all over the U.S. so we all need to be more aware of our surroundings and a bit more cautious on roads where school busses are likely to be running.

Remember that small children feel safe around their yards and their friends so they might run into the road after a toy, or on a dare from another kid. None of us wish to have an accident especially not one involving a child.

As amazing as it sounds, I see more drivers of cars and big trucks than ever, holding a phone up and texting as they go down the highways. I was behind an 18 wheeler in Mississippi a week ago who was weaving horribly bad and finally laid into my horn and came around him, sure enough, staring at a cellphone even as I passed.

We all need to join in and start policing this ourselves as it is careless driving and makes us all look bad.

Be careful Drivers.

FMCSA New Hours Of Service Rules And The Effects On The Trucking Industry

Well Drivers, The July 01, 2013 implementation date of the new DOT / FMCSA hours of service rules has taken effect and been in place for one full week as of the writing of this blog post.

I wish I were able to report that this has some benefit to drivers or to the public but sadly, in calculating the numbers, it will cost the trucking industry as a whole billions of dollars. Of course, FMCSA will have their lobbyist cronies show that this has made the industry more money, made drivers safer, thus giving them the ability to get a much larger budget windfall for keeping the roads safe. ABSOLUTELY FALSE with no data to back it up.

The new regulations state that any driver must take a 30 minute break logged off duty, either at or prior to the completion of 8 hours on duty. This sounds good on its face, however, it has taken another half hour away from the 14 hour clock that starts and cannot be stopped from the time that you go on duty until you log off duty or in the sleeper.

But wait, lets go on into this prior to crunching the numbers so everyone sees the real cost in both dollars and safety.

The FMCSA also changed the sleeper birth provision from 34 consecutive hours off resetting the 70 hours per week you are allowed to work to 34 hours off only once in 7 calendar days but requiring it to contain at least two sleep periods from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. which means that, depending on what time your end of duty starts, it can take as long as 48 hours now to get your 34 hour restart.

This means MILLIONS of wasted hours away from home per year that we as drivers will have to suck up the loss on.

As of today, according to FMCSA, there are 3.5 million regulation truck drivers in the continental United States, meaning that the 30 minute mandated break alone will cost 1.75 million hours for every 8 hours worked by Americas Drivers.

Now, the 34 hour restart provision will cost drivers at least 12 hours out of a 7 day period for over the road drivers. So think about this, 12 hours per week X 3.5 million Drivers = 42,000,000 (yes forty two million) lost work hours per 7 days.

So, the 30 minute break provision will cost each individual driver 182 work hours per year and the 34 hour restart provision will cost each driver a minimum of 12 hours per week for a total of 624 hours per driver we will lose per year per driver.

This translates to a potential loss PER DRIVER of 806 hours per year.

If this doesn’t anger all of us enough to pull us together and shutdown, strike, slowdown, I don”t know what will.

My first suggestion is that we have an all out boycott of California, Florida, and New York. A few weeks of billions of dollars in produce rotting in wharehouses may make someone look at this again.

For all of you who say we cant afford to do this, figure out what as many as 806 more hours per year of sitting without pay does to your family.

We cant afford not to!!!!!


Low Cost Shipping And What It Means To Your Bottom Line


The trucking industry is no different than any business in its basic model, as the goal of any business is to minimize costs, maximize profits, and provide the kind of service needed across many different specialties while fighting ever increasing fuel and equipment costs.

Large companies are constantly advertising for new hire drivers as there is an incredibly bad shortage in the number of people who will work this hard although unemployment is at a ridiculous high and trucking jobs as a whole pay really good compared to working at local factories. The real sacrifice, you are gone a lot if you wish to make real money.

This has caused many trucking companies and independent transporters to become very specialized in one genre of trucking such as flatbed, liquid bulk, reefer freight (Grocery), Hot Shot, and the list goes on. By doing this, they can keep and maintain more specific equipment for the task at hand and also keep drivers who are trained in that type of  specialty hauling, giving them a much safer and well trained professional driver while giving the receiver a great service.

The one inherent problem with this is the fact that there are more dead head (empty) miles to be covered as it is difficult to always get a reload from the area a particular truck is delivering to. This is what makes an online shipping website very useful to both, shipper and transporter. We have the way for you to fill your trucks with items at a great price for both parties as the truck is running those miles already and does not have to await a dispatch for a reload.

Your one stop shipping destination makes it free, fast, and easy to list your Item or full load and have transportation service providers bid against one another to get you the lowest price on your shipping while allowing them to make the amount of money they require for the load. it is a win / win situation.

Best of all, you have no phone calls to worry about, no hidden fees, no stress as you would if you were to directly contact a shipping company.

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