Cell Phone Use, Back To School, And Other Hazards

Its back to school time for most children all over the U.S. so we all need to be more aware of our surroundings and a bit more cautious on roads where school busses are likely to be running.

Remember that small children feel safe around their yards and their friends so they might run into the road after a toy, or on a dare from another kid. None of us wish to have an accident especially not one involving a child.

As amazing as it sounds, I see more drivers of cars and big trucks than ever, holding a phone up and texting as they go down the highways. I was behind an 18 wheeler in Mississippi a week ago who was weaving horribly bad and finally laid into my horn and came around him, sure enough, staring at a cellphone even as I passed.

We all need to join in and start policing this ourselves as it is careless driving and makes us all look bad.

Be careful Drivers.

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