Shipping An Outboard Motor

Shipping Outboard Motors
The very weight and nature of the construction of an outboard motor makes it a difficult item to ship and to transport but here are a few tricks that only take a minute and will reduce the chance of damage.
1. Remove the propeller. This will save sharp edges from cutting through packaging and also keep the propeller and prop shaft from being damaged. The propeller may be wrapped seperately and packed in the same package as you prepare to ship.
2. If the motor has a tiller handle, remove it also, wrap seperately in bubble wrap and cardboard and ship in the same package. The tiller handle is the most frequently broken item on an outboard and can be a very expensive repair.
3. Wrap the entire motor in bubble wrap and very tightly with banded packaging tape, and be sure to double wrap the cowling.
4. Now that you are bubble wrapped, find a non protruding section on the motor and heavily tape the tiller handle and propeller to the motor, usually the exhaust housing area is best.
5. Use heavy cardboard around the lower unit taking special care to protect the propeller shaft from damage.
6. Now, it is time to wrap the lower unit again with fine bubble wrap, and tape it on very tightly.
7. You are now ready to wrap the entire package in very heavy cardboard, making sure the unit does not slip or move within the packaging.
8. Using these steps will assure that your outboard motot will arrive in a safe, usable condition, and the removed parts are easily reinstalled by the reciever.

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